Oil Of Arabia “Cairo Bergamot”

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The fragrant citrus of Cairo come to life with this famous concoction. Oil of Arabia brings this otherworldly oil and fuses it with delicate notes that are both bold and eloquent.


The enterprising unisex fragrance with a penchant for excellence.

Taking inspiration from world-famous citrus Orchards in the outskirts of Cairo, this precious liquid takes opulent pure oils and accentuates them with unique citrus notes, providing a fragrance that is adored by all.

  • Unadulterated high-end pure essential oils blended with Italian fragrances.
  • Crafted for a long-lasting and refreshing aroma that stays with you.
  • Experience an immediately mesmerizing scent with accompanying citrus notes that nurture you throughout the day.
  • Meticulously engineered for all skin types and preferences.

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