Oil Of Arabia “Casablanca Rose”

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Casablanca is one of the most romanticized capitals of the ancient world. Oil of Arabia brings flowery notes from this oriental paradise and fuses it with delicate notes that are both refreshing and exciting.


A daring, flowery fragrance that will transport you to the legendary streets of Casablanca.

A fragrance for her that invites you to a pleasant and exciting journey from the wild rose fields of Morrocco to the blissful aromas of downtown Casablanca. An everyday companion that you can trust for all shades of your life.

  • Unadulterated and pure essential oils blended with Italian fragrances.
  • Crafted for a long-lasting and confident fragrance that stays with you.
  • Experience an immediate powerful scent with accompanying notes that accompany you throughout the day.
  • Meticulously engineered for all skin types and preferences.

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