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Why Fragrances Are Perfect Gifts For Family In Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani expatriate in another part of the world, you know how difficult it is to send a gift back home to your loved ones. There are a number of issues that you are bound to face:

  1. Untrusted eCommerce retailers with poor service records
  2. Late delivery or no-shows
  3. Damaged goods with poor return mechanisms
  4. Awful customer service

You already know that Algate removes the middleman (the retailers and wholesalers) and ships it’s goods directly all over Pakistan with full responsibility and world class customer service. But perhaps you need a refresher on why so many Algate products, particularly it’s famous fragrance line, is a perfect gift for your loved ones back home.

Please note that the logic behind this article applies to all luxury perfumes and not just Algate brands: a great authentic perfume remains one regard of its label.

So, with that said, here are some reasons that perfumes make the perfect gifts.

Long Lasting

Let’s be honest: a perfume bottle does not finish overnight. Infact, most perfume owners have at least a couple of bottles, which means they alternate between them depending on their mood and occasion. The average fragrance bottle can last anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years depending on the use ratio.

Each time the perfume is used, the person putting it on will remember who gave it to them as a gift alongside a myriad of related memories.

There is no better outcome if you’re gifting a loved one like your wife, fiance or even a friend. It’s normal to be appreciated for your gesture on their special day, but how amazing is it to be remembered for months and years for one simple gesture.

Perfect For All Demographics

Perfumes are universal – you really cannot go wrong with them. Whether the person you are gifting is a new acquaintance, your best friend, your aunt, your boss or your teenage niece, you really cannot go wrong by gifting a perfume.

As per a recent study, almost 30 percent of gifts received by women in the U.S. or Canada are fragrances, whereas the same figure rests at a respectable 22 percent for men. The figures are similar in most countries across the world, including Pakistan. There is virtually no place on earth where aromatic oils and fragrances are not seen as a treasured gift. The only other gift that comes close to being as quintessential a part of our social fabric are sweets and desserts – which don’t last that long, do they?

Memories For A Lifetime

Perfumes revolve around the sense of smell. And smells are always a gateway to a world of memories, feelings, and love. We have probably all experienced this. Ever come across someone wearing Davidoff Cool, instantly reminding you of that certain someone that wore it in the fragrance’s heyday in the early 2000s? Or how Fahrenheit instantly transports you back to memories associated with a person who used to wear it regularly in your university days? Luxurious and distinct women’s fragrances can also remind you of your first romance for a whole lifetime. Every time you smell that fragrance, you will be transported to the past.

That is the magic of fragrances and smell in general.  We associate smells with our memory and imagination, and it wouldn’t be wrong to state that perfumes are bonds that link us to the best moments of our past.

There’s A Fragrance For All Budgets

The great thing with perfumes is that there is one for all budget types. Sure, the really low-cost ones will probably run you into counterfeit territory, but if you can manage a decent budget for your next gift idea, a good fragrance isn’t far away.

To be fair, fragrances can be priced anywhere from $15 to $1500, depending on the notes that define them. In Pakistan, good economical perfumes start at Rs. 1000 and go up to Rs. 20000. Those with a higher proportion of authentic oils and oudwood can be priced even higher. This means that perfumes are great gifts for all budgets and occasions, whether you just want to get it ‘over with’ or are one who likes to ‘gift to impress’.

Authentic Fragrances, the Algate way

Algate endeavors to take away the hassle of shopping fragrances online. We sell only original Algate brands and ensure world-class customer services all across Pakistan and the UAE. This approach has helped us become one of the most reputed fragrance brands in the country.

A sizable share of Algate customers are expatriates who want to send a luxurious gift to their loved ones back home. And customer feedback has always validated our time tested belief: there are few things that make better gifts than luxurious perfumes made from authentic notes and high quality oils. 


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